UnionCo-ops Council
of the USFWC - US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (

Statement of Purpose
To explore opportunities for collaboration with labor unions for mutual benefit.

Benefits to unions:

· New network of dynamic members with social vision about worker ownership, and skills in collaborative decision-making;
· Connections in international fair trade and socially conscious business, worldwide;
Benefits to co-ops:
· Access to benefits including pension and health care benefits;
· Solidarity with the union movement on social benefits to workers such as advocacy on workers rights, and health care reform
· Access to capital for co-op formation;
Benefits to both co-ops and unions:
· Advocacy for a US employee ownership bank through legislation currently being sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders, to benefit all workers.

Current Projects:

Prepare a list of unionized co-ops.
Prepare a list of unions that have co-op members.
Research political, advocacy, and lobbying issues which represent opportunities to partner with unions.
Organize meetings for co-op members who are unionized to plan outreach to their unions.
Request endorsement from AFL-CIO and individual unions for U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.
Investigate union pensions and benefits starting with the Taft-Hartley pensions by using
Design workshops for worker co-op and union conferences.